7 Beauty Hacks to look fresh in the Summers


Summers are a great time to go out and have fun but the scorching heat can be all too unforgiving to us girls. Summer heat can cause extra oily skin, Excessive sweating and can make our make up melt off within minutes of stepping outside in the sun . If you’re tired of constantly worrying about your face and keep blotting it out in the summer heat then worry no more,  because we’ve got some beauty tips and tricks to help you survive the scorching heat flawlessly!

Less is More

Yes you heard us. Less layers on your face keep the excess sweating at bay. Thick heavy foundations and concealers clog your pores and make your skin suffocated. Sweating is body’s natural way of cooling off but when your cover your face with too many layers your body tends to over-sweat causing you to blot and wipe your face off even more in the summer heat. Use a tinted moisturizer or a CC cream with SPF instead of your heavy foundations. Some good options can be :

it cosmetics CC cream

NARS Pure radiant tinted moisturiser with SPF

FirstAid Beauty Ultra Repair Tinted Moisturiser

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate !

You’ve probably heard it a million times before but its time you started paying attention to it too. You need to hydrate your skin more in the summers. Drink Ample amount of water. And yes don’t forget to moisturize your skin! The biggest mistake people often make is that they cut out their moisturizer during summers because our skin tends to get more oily in the summers. But the entire reason why your skin produces more oil in the summers is because its Dehydrated!! When you skip on your moisturizer and over wash your face to make it squeaky clean the skin gets even more dehydrated and produces even more Sebum! So drink more water and don’t forget to moisturize girls.

SPF is your soulmate for life

Now before I brag about the many reasons why you should always wear SPF on your skin, I should address some of the reasons why people don’t use sunscreen. A lot of people complain their skin feels more oily after applying sunblock, some hate the whitish residue a sunscreen might leave while others are afraid sunblock might irritate their skin and cause them to break out. Honestly its quite the opposite. Sun damage is one of the key factors that worsen your breakouts and the UV damage is also responsible for acne scarring and early signs of skin aging. Now the trick is to find the right SPF for your skin type. The best way to do this is either refer to your dermatologist or look for sunblocks that are non-comedogenic ( meaning it wont clog Pores) and fragrance free. An SPF level of 30 or above is good for most people and if you don’t like any residue then search for sheer sunscreens.


Replace your Powder blushes with cheek tints

Using a cheek tint not only gives you a natural flushed look but lasts longer in the summers giving you a more natural fresh glowing look for the summer. Powders tend to wear off in the heat and cake up your pores. A natural tint can be perfect for that summer rosy look. A great option for this is The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Tint.


Switch to Cream Concealers and Highlighters

A good under Eye concealer can do wonders but the heat often causes our favorite liquid concealers to wear off or cause creasing. One way to handle this is to use a Clay based or cream concealer. My personal favorite is the NYX Full coverage concealer Jar. Also its best to replace your powder highlighters with a cream or mousse highlighter for a natural glowing goddess look that lasts longer.





Water Proof Mascara is a must

A good Mascara can make all the difference but if it runs down your face in the heat its never a pretty sight . Always make sure that you read the label properly when buying your mascara and look for waterproof non-clumping mascaras that give a good natural looking volume to your lashes.

Don’t forget to put your Mist on

Face mist can be a life saver in the summers. Just spray on a little refreshing mist after you’re done with your make up.  Good Setting sprays are available in most skin care and drugstore brands and help make your make up last longer. You can also use rose water as a face mist which is an amazing skin tonic and cools off your face while holding your make up in place for hours.