Bareera Osman – A Self Taught Make Up Artist

The generation of Pakistan is overloaded with talent and have the abilities to beat many with their skills. Lately a a lot of female youngsters can been seen on the Instagram news feed as make up a blogger who are boosting their profile with they’re amazing to make up skills and making us hit that heart for them.So we decided to introduce one of those talented make up blogger and a conversation with her. Here we present the super talented Bareera Osman.

The beautiful Bareera Osman

A self introduction by Bareera

My name is Bareera Ijaz , I was born in 1998 and raised up in Punjabi family!
I’m currently running a makeup blog which I’ve considered my whole little world where I can pour my heart out and express myself through my love of makeup!

From where did all this start from?

So a lot of people ask me where did I learn my makeup from ! and the answer is

From No one! yes!

It all started when I was in grade 6. I literally used to go to school with atleast a little bit of makeup on.I didn’t learn from any youtube channel etc . It was all self taught and by practice ! And then the hustle began.
I always wanted to have my own makeup blog in which I will share my makeup tips and tricks with the world but never actually made it,but then one day I Finally decided to do so and I made it up.These last few weeks I’ve been totally amazing for me and I’ve been loving what I do.

I know that every girl has different interests, but I’m one of those beauty junkies in the world, I’ll never deny that fact. Natural beauty tips, skin care, makeup tips and tricks, hairstyles, cosmetics, and DIY ideas are my favorite categories.

I love to share makeup tips and tricks with my tutorial, I’m not a pro but I hope I could help somehow. Because like any other girls, I also love makeup! For me, makeup is an art, it changes my looks in a different way.

Blogging is a long time goal that I have been longing to do, and now I am here starting my first step to fulfilling my goal.

Highlighter on point

It makes me happy and I am excited knowing that my ideas will be shared around the web to help and inspire individuals.My main goal is to provide my followers with honest reviews of the products so that they know what to buy and what not ! Plus giving them the best of what I have !! I’m so looking forward to what I can provide all the makeup lovers and the learners through my blog and share positivity with everyone!

Such an amazing and inspiring personality is this young lady. Her make up skills are so on point.

Latest make up look by Bareera on her Instagram

Team Celeblime wishes you all the luck and success for your work.