Easy Summer Hairstyles to beat the heat !

It’s often too tempting to go out with your hair open and flaunt your perfect curls but the heat and the sweat can be too unforgiving in the summers. You basically end up looking like a hair disaster as soon as you step outdoors! But fear not babes because we have some really cute, chic and easy hairdos to keep the sweat off your neck and help you look flawless even in this melting weather.

Side Braid with Fishtail braid topΒ 

you can never go wrong with a classic side braid. Not only does it look super cute but it also keeps your hair off of your neck.Β  You can add a fishtail braid top crown to your side braid to keep the hair off of your forehead too. It looks oh so instagram-worthy in pictures!

Half up Half down top knot hairdo

This easy hairdo is perfect for rocking any summer look. Just take the upper half portion of your hair and make a braid from your forehead to the mid of your scalp and then tie a top knot. Leave the lower half of your hair in natural waves.

Messy top bun with Bandana

If you’re looking for a look that stands out go for this easy messy top bun hairdo. brush out your hair and tie atop bun leaving out a few loose strands of hair. Then tie a bright colored bandana around the bun and you’re good to go. Now that’s easy and chic am I right!

Messy low bunΒ 

You can really get creative with this one without putting in too much effort. The best way to go about it is to take bunches of your hair and make a loose criss-cross pattern and then make a low bun and pin it with some bobby pins.

Half Messy Fishtail Side Ponytail

Honestly, this hairdo is easier than it sounds. Just sweep all your hair to one side and make a halfway lazy fishtail braid or just a messy loose halfway braid and then leave your hair loose. Ta Da! your chic and edgy look is complete.

Two twisted knots

If you want a funky and bold look then this hairdo is perfect for you! part your hair into two equal halves and brush out any tangled hair. Twist up both halves and make two knots and then pin them. Pair this look with some statement earrings and a bold lip color for a wild and fun look!