Essentials for Northern Areas Road Trip

Its time of the year when most of us get heat burns and sun strokes due to the high temperature and humidity. A lot of just want an escape from all those endless sweats and rashy body joints.

A huge number of people decide to visit Northern Areas of Pakistan to cool down that stored heat underneath their skins with the chilly breeze. To get relaxed with the fresh wind and picture-perfect scenery beauty.

Here is a life saver guideline of some essentials things to carry on your trip


A moisturizer is a must thing to keep in your bag be it a girl or a boy. This will keep your skin hydrated and prevent it from drying out.

Lip balm

Since we are traveling and tend to consume less water than our daily routine so it can lead to dry and torn lips. A lip balm will keep your lips soft and save your baby skin from tearing.


A good lotion is a must for all the ladies. Since we are tripping and are likely to wear a good amount of makeup for capturing all those exciting moments of our trip, a lotion will reduce the damage caused by continuous makeup use.

Face Wash

Fresh and lovely woman washing her face

Don’t forget to pop in a face wash in your bag. Β The dirt and sand are likely to make your face oily. So a face wash is essential for the fresh skin on your travel.

Makeup Wipes

Its named as make up wipes but in reality, they are magical wipes. Carrying a packet of wipes would save you from a lot. They help you to wipe off your hands after snacking in the car, cleaning any spilled food due to the bumpy road. It does help wipe off the rain stains you get on your mirror which is a hurdle when you are clicking pictures. And obviously, it will aid you to remove makeup after traveling and are too lazy to wash it off.

Here is what helped me throughout my trip to Hunza. I hope this does help you.

In the comment section below do let us know where have you decided to go for your summers vacations.