6 Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know


If you’re looking for quick hacks to do your makeup faster or want to get more things done with just one product then read on girls cause we’ve got some brilliantΒ makeup hacks that all you girls need to know!

Lipstick as Blush

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You don’t really need to buy a new powder blush to get rosy dewy cheeks. If you have a good moisturizing lipstick in red, pink or peach shades then that’s all you’ll ever need for a natural flushed rosy look. Simply rub your fingertip onto the surface of your lipstick and dab onto your cheeks and voila! For a more i-just-came-back-from-a-run look dab a bit on your nose along with your cheeks and blend with your fingers.

Old Mascara for Eyebrows

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You don’t need to buy an eyebrow brush kit to groom your brows. Simply use an old mascara brush to even out your brows. If you have dark black eyebrows then you can even use a semi-used mascara that has less left pigment on its brush to fill in your brows for more natural looking fuller eyebrows.

Bronzer as Eyeshadow

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For a daily natural eye look use your bronzer as your eyeshadow. A warm toned bronzer is just the right color for putting onto the crease of your eyelids. Use your fingertips to dab a bit of bronzer onto your eyes and blend into your crease and onto your eye-lids. Super easy and quick too right?

Concealer on Lips to Make a Nude Shade

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Here’s an easy hack to turn any shade of lipstick into a nude one. After an initial base coat of lipstick use a cream concealer and take a very small amount of it onto your fingertip and lightly dab onto your lips. Your lip color will instantly become a nude shade. The concealer also gives your lips a matte effect. Cool right?

Highlighter on Your Eyelids

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There’s no such thing as too much highlighter am I right girls? one genius way of using your highlighter is to add a bit of that sparkle onto your eyelids for a dewy look. You can even add a bit on top of your lips for that sun-kissed dewy look. The possibilities are endless!

Sunblock as a Sheer Foundation

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One quick hack for a daily make-up look is to use a good sunblock as your foundation. Sunblock is not just a good barrier for your skin from the harsh UV rays but can also be used as a natural foundation for your skin on days you really don’t feel like slathering on any layer of foundation. Sunblock can give your skin a sheer dewy and natural look while letting your skin breathe.