Le Pur Organics: Bringing the organic skincare regimen to Pakistan!

Le Pur Organics is an organic skincare line that offers a wide array of environment and health friendly products. Here is our conversation withΒ the founder of Le Pur Organics Rukhsana Ibad about her brand:

“Pamper your body with Le Pur Organics

What is the meaning of Le Pur and why did you name your brand after it?

R.I: Le Pur means pure in French. I wanted my brand to be very self explanatory and wanted to scream what it was; Pure Organic.

What is organic skincare?

Organic skincare is when the ingredients can be traced to their roots as being completely organic. By organic I mean free of modification and GMOs (Genetically modified organism) as well as harmful pesticides or unnatural fertilizers. The ingredients are also extracted by organic processes such as cold compress without machinery which burns their qualities.

When did you get inspired to start this project?

I believe it has been one and a half year. I started it on a very small scale without thinking it had any business capacity. It was just to help my friends and family. And perhaps that is how every organic business starts; it begins with personal demands and needs which evolve to supply the growing demands of society. My own skin has been very problematic and after researching on the issue I realized that chemicals were not the answer. After studying and using organics for myself I realized how it is something that has been common throughout history as well.

Can you give us an example of organic skincare’s history?

Even though its been present for centuries the example I love to use the most is that of the Queen Cleopatra. Some people think that her beauty regimen was just reflective of her luxurious lifestyle but in reality they played a huge role in giving her the title of an eternal beauty idol. For example, Cleopatra was famous for bathing in a tub of donkey’s milk with rose petals every day. (At my laughter she smiled) Funny as that may sound to us, donkey’s milk contain lactic acid which very gently exfoliates the skin without any harshness or itchiness. My products work in the same way without having to arrange a 100 donkeys for their milk (she smirks). I simply use the organic lactic acid powder to mimic the same properties in my exfoliator. Therefore organic skincare is not the invention of the West, rather just history modernized.

“I love experimenting with different concoctions. Le Pur Organics is my passion and I make everything by hand”

What specific issues of your own inspired you to delve into organics?

I had adult acne which is the hardest acne to remove. Apart from that my skin was very tan as well as dry. Upon using greasy creams I ran the risk of pimples. After trying all the best brands of cosmetics I reached the conclusion that natural is best. Every year at least 4 times my relatives would come bearing renowned creams and scrubs from the US but nothing worked. After switching to organic skincare, I haven’t looked back.

Even though it is small scale right now, what are your long term plans?

Insha Allah I aim to go big and make Le Pur Organics a household name like Lush or Bodyshop.

Apart from health concerns, how important are environmental issues to you?

When I started to convert to organic living I realized that you cannot pick and choose your issues. I am constantly working to shift my brand from plastic to organic packaging and minimizing waste. Although it is still very preliminary because of high costs I aim to go all green in the future by shifting to reusable glass. We are also cruelty free and have no animal testing. I often joke that my guinea pigs were my friends and family. I also don’t use synthetic beads in my scrubs because they disrupt marine life.

What are some problems you have faced in building your brand?

It was very important for me to use truly organic products which cannot unfortunately be found in Pakistan because farmers use pesticides and unnatural fertilizers. Therefore I decided to import organic materials to maintain the sanctity of my products. This means high taxes and problems with tariffs. The products also are therefore on the more expensive side because of all these production costs which I hope will get decreased once I obtain the necessary paperwork.

Recyclable glass packaging

Finally, what makes Le Pur Organics products different from other local brands which claim to be selling organic skincare?

As I mentioned before, my raw materials are not locally sourced but imported which means that my products have quality control and would hold up to international standards. Pakistani brands do not follow check and balances as the companies inΒ  UK or USA do which means that local products have no credibility however, I am studying atΒ Formula Botanica (UK)

They offer courses in organic skincare which means I incorporate their teachings into maintaining exceptionally high standards with my products.

When I was leaving, Ms Rukhsana gave me some samples of her products which I promptly I put to use. The coconut soap is a favourite of mine. Le Pur Organics skincare is paving a new road in Pakistan’s skincare industry. Check out their products online to order:

Facebook:Β https://www.facebook.com/lepurorganics/

Instagram:Β https://www.instagram.com/lepurorganics/