Pakistani Beauty Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now!


If you’re not a beauty guru or some kind of makeup goddess, don’t fret it! Just check out these awesome desi beauty bloggers for major style and makeup inspiration.

Regardless of whether you’re in college, university or your professional life, you need to follow these amazing women. These gorgeous and extremely talented women cover a whole range of topics from quick and easy makeup tutorials for when you’re running late, to full-on glam evening and night-out looks. What’s more, since they’re all Pakistani their content is more relatable to the struggles of being a Pakistani woman who loves makeup.

  1. Ayesha Khalid:

Ayesha is a young Pakistani beauty influencer who uses her Instagram account to post makeup tutorials for her 23,000 followers. In addition to her hugely successful social media presence, she has also started a YouTube channel. She recently starred in the new Maybelline New York Fit Me song which advertises the expansive shade range for the Fit Me foundation. Ayesha’s signature look consists of a dewy and healthy complexion, black winged eyeliner and a pinky nude lip. This makeup look is perfect for every day. It’s quick and easy and doesn’t require a lot of different products. This makeup look can be achieved in 5 minutes or less so you don’t have to sacrifice your precious sleep!

(via Ayesha Khalid’s Instagram)

  1. Bodmon Zaid:

Laiba Zaid is a Pakistani-Canadian beauty YouTuber with over 500,000 subscribers. In addition to that, she also has 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Laiba’s YouTube content consists of makeup tutorials and challenges along with workouts. She even did a video using a full face of Pakistani makeup brand. Laiba is well-known for her bright red hair. She loves experimenting with different hair colors and styles. You can check that out on her YouTube channel @Bodmon Zaid.

(via Bodmon Zaid’s Instagram)

  1. Glossips:

Fatima Irfan Shaikh is a Lahore-based Pakistani beauty blogger with almost 170,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel Glossips and more than 55,000 followers on her Instagram account. On her channel you can find tutorials, hauls, unboxings and chatty GRWMs (Get Ready with Me). The fact that she’s currently studying at BNU should be more than enough persuasion to go follow her. After all, who can relate to the struggles of being a student, better than another student?

(via Fatima Irfan Shaikh’s Instagram)

Who is your favorite Pakistani beauty blogger?