The Original Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette VS The New Vault – Here Are Our Thoughts On It

Jaclyn Hill’s New Vault Collection is here and YouTubers are freaking out !Β  After her previous Collaboration with Morphe that was such a huge success, she now announced this year that she will be working with Morphe again to release four new eye shadow Palettes that were part of her original samples for the first palette but were not included in it . The first batch of ‘The Vault’ met with some formula inconsistency issues after some YouTubers tried them on and found some of the colors patchy, Morphe and Jaclyn responded promptly to the issue and the launch was delayed for a bit. The Vault is now out in the market for sale after the issue has been resolved. The Vault has 4 palettes , each priced at $15. The palettes are called Dark Magic, Armed and Gorgeous, Bling Boss and Ring the Alarm. The names are written on the side of each palette with a different color so that they are identifiable. The palettes are again white like the previous one, Although this time there is a mirror added inside each palette.

Each palette has it own specific color Theme , with a combination of both mattes and shimmers. Bling boss is all about them pinks and purples. Ring the Alarm has shades of browns, reds and dark maroons, which are perfect colors for the crease. Armed and Gorgeous has all the autumn warm shades of orange, olive and brown. Dark Magic has cool blues and dark blacks and greens with some frosted shades of lavender. Each palette caters to a different makeup look and with the price of only $15, it is definitely a must buy if you like smaller easy to carry palettes that are specific to your color scheme, plus the added Mirror in the palette is a bonus. But even though the palettes are amazing, there are not many differences between most of the shades in The Vault and the old Jaclyn x Morphe palette.

A lot of the colors seem to have been repeated, even some shades within the vault palette themselves, like the Maroon mattes in both Bling Boss and Ring the Alarm, and the green shades in both Dark Magic and Armed and Gorgeous, all seem very similar. If you’re someone who loved the whole package and was obsessed with Jaclyn’s Original palette I’d suggest stick to the old one because it gives you every shade that you’ll ever needΒ  in one palette. But if you travel a lot and like to pack light these Vault palettes are perfect for you and they come with the additional mirrors that is always a bonus when travelling. Overall The Vault palettes have been designed for specific color themes and the beautiful mattes and shimmers make for a must buy if you’re a beauty junkie or just really looking forward to trying out what Jaclyn had stashed away in her vault all this time !