Le Pur Organic skincare: The Science behind Organics

Living in an age where people are afflicted by many different skin problems, it is no surprise that the skincare industry is a Goliath-esque presence in society. From problems like acne, puffiness, premature aging, dark spots and a generally declining rate of healthy skin, this industry claims to cater to all issues with their infinite range of products. However, despite the exorbitant price tags, many women are disenchanted by these chemical products which even lead to more dangerous health issues. For example, some deodorants have harmful ingredients which are related to breast cancer.

With growing associations with these health risks, more people are turning back towards the skincare regimen of their ancestors who focused on organic treatments with no synthetic chemicals. Le Pur Organics also utilizes natural products for their health benefits in their products such as anti-aging oil complex, deodorant sticks, cleansing balms, and eye oil complex.

The CEO Rukhsana Ibad has been very invested in research to study up on the qualities of natural products and how to preserve those in her skincare. She, therefore, is very careful in including specific natural materials to target specific problems. Even the preservatives she uses in her products are organic and up to international standards.

She says that her products especially are high in oils with vitamins and anti-oxidants to truly nourish your skin in a balanced way. Just like we need a balanced diet to be healthy, our skin which is our largest organ also needs a balanced diet which her products ensure it gets. Her products are high in:

  • Vitamin A: Contains anti-aging qualities and almost rebuilds the structure of your skin which is losing its elasticity and collagen.
  • Vitamin E: Nourishes the skin and rejuvenates it by increasing its elasticity.
  • Vitamin C: It acts as a whitening agent and also has anti-aging properties.
  • Vitamin K: Covers and heals dark circles as well as leftover spots from acne.

Le Pur Organics is trying to offer a substitute to retinal creams which implement extreme anti-aging by removing the entire first layer of the skin. This, in the short term, eliminates wrinkles and lines but in the long term leads to thinning of the skin which leaves the body more vulnerable to harmful rays. Therefore, Ms. Rukhsana uses alternatives such as vitamin A rich oils which although slower working than retinal creams, will be safer for your skin.

Her products also do not use petroleum by-products in the lip balms which are not good for the body. She believes that since most of the balm on our lips does get ingested throughout the day, anything that goes into her products should be safe enough to eat.

We recommend you to try these products because of their amazing health benefits and because with our growing dependency on chemicals, our skins need to go back to a more natural care regimen.