As the Royal wedding is over and Maghan Markle and Prince Harry have finally tied the knot but now it’s time for the Maghan to follow the Royal rules. She must be prepared for her life as a Royal member as she is now officially a Royal. Being the duchess of Sussex will come with quite a cost. The new duchess would have to follow the Royal rules and would be bound to leave her old ways.

So let’s count on the 8 things that Maghan Markle would be leaving

She would no longer be able to have her own social media accounts. As the social media accounts of the Royal members are controlled by professionals.

β€’ Maghan can no longer kiss in public as PDA is prohibited for the Royals.

β€’ She can also not sign any autographs any longer, as all the Royals are prohibited to do so due to the risk of the signs being forged.

β€’ She would no more be taking any selfies. The royals are prohibited to so. Now the poor fans might not be able to get hands on any.

β€’ Crossing her legs is also not allowed as it is glared upon in the dictionary of royal etiquettes.

No more crossed legs now

β€’ Now this is a funny one but Maghan cannot go to sleep before the queen. She would have to stay awake until the queen sleeps.

β€’ Royals are also not allowed to wear dark nail polishes. So now Maghan would have to say goodbye to all the reds and blacks.

β€’ And the most important one, she would have to quit acting. As it has been seen quite often that the new royals do not bring their careers along.

The royal couple on their engagement

However even after all the rules she is now a ROYAL!! Congratulations to the new couple and Best of Luck to Maghan Markle for her Royal life.