Ad of the Year –


The trend of advertisement is changing in Pakistan. Unlike the traditional ads, brands are adopting new methods to place their products and services. This time pulled off a great Commercial which is referred to as the ad of the year.T hey beautiful used the emotional appeal and associated with the feeling of home with it.

In the, they showed a busy father who is always into his work and is on the urge of a promotion to CEO after closing a deal. And due to the workload, he is unable to give time to his family and is highly neglecting his son. His wife is not happy with him due to this. But he says he is doing all this for his family. The other day before the meeting he receives a video message from his son who wants him on his birthday rather than the gifts. This makes him emotional and he decides to go to his son birthday and sends his colleague to the meeting. His presence at the birthday venue made everyone happy and his family was surprised.

With this advertisement present the idea beautifully that β€œWe can help you find a house But only you can make it a homeβ€œ.Although the TVC length is too long. So for the TV version, they trimmed the advertisement. The original duration is around 6 minutes. The good thing is advertisements are changing in Pakistan brands rather than focusing on the products. Now brand tends to tap into the emotional appeal of the people. This makes their advertisement stands out from others.

Hope to see moreΒ of these creative advertisement from other brands too.

Here is the link to the ad which will make your day