Celebrities Who Are More Kind-Hearten Than Your Imagination

Having a kind heart in this cruel world is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. It’s something that comes from inside of people, who have bigger hearts, than the rest of the world. Most people will look to the world and say “what will the world do to benefit me?” But people with a kind heart, see things differently. They think what can I do for the world to make it a better place? These are the people who truly believe that they can make a difference. There are a lot of celebrities who are so kind and always keep spreading kindness in the world. You see most of them doing charity and other social work in community. Today we are discussing few celebrities who are so kind and most of people didn’t know about it.

Meera Jee

Did you remember Meera Jee once donated 16 lac rupees of charity to Earth earthquake victims of Azad Kashmir. Yes, that’s true, according to the journalist and former PCB media manager PJ Mir: Meera Jee once bought a painting at auction of 16 lac worth, to support victims of Azad Kashmir.

Beena Riaz

Malik Riaz’s daughter once gives 3 lac rupees to the poor man. Yes, a brother of a cancer patient manages to meet Malik Riaz’s daughter to sake help. He showed medical reports of his sister to Malik Riaz’s daughter and she gave 3 lac rupees to the poor man on the spot and she ask the poor man that she will send him bank cheque for further treatment.


As you might know Resham has left the films but every year during Ramzan Ul Mubarak Resham distributes thousands of rupees among extras and other film studio workers. This shows that she still cares the people that were around her.

Reema Khan

Afzal Khan the famous as Jan Rambo revealed in his interview that when he was facing financial crisis in his life and he didn’t have money to buy his own house, at that time Reema gave him 2 lac rupees so he can get his own home.  An unknown makeup artist also revealed that Reema use to give Eidi to beauty parlors workers also.

Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi rescued of Pakistani prisoners imprisoned in Dubai last year. The sports star’s philanthropic foundation ‘Shahid Afridi Foundation’ played a pivotal role to initiate the release of 30 prisoners.

Moin Akhtar

The legend Moin Akhtar (late) use to do free charity shows. He helps so many artists. He gave chance to lots of newcomers at that time. He also gave a chance to actor Faysal Qazi.

Sahir Lodhi

Sahir is a great entertainer and he also does charity too. While giving interview to Nadia Khan, Sahir revealed that he takes responsibility of many poor families to provide them fixed amount of money on monthly basis.

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