Gigi Hadid Visits Rohingya Muslim Refugee camps in Bangladesh with UNICEF


Alongside being the fifth Highest paid Model in the US, Gigi Hadid is now also an advocate for humanitarian works and is definitely winning our hearts ! The 23-year old Palestinian-American Super Model currently joined with UNICEF to pay a visit to Cox’s Bazaar’s Jamtoli Refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Her posts on instagram and twitter were focused on spreading awareness about the need for health care and assistance for these 1.3 million Refugees that had fled to Bangladesh in order to escape the riots of 2012 in Myanmar.

She was very vocal about how these people, which included a large number of women and children, were in dire need of humanitarian assistance. The Refugee camp is currently home to over 45000 Rohingya Muslim Refugees. When she was asked about why she was visiting these refugee camps , she posted on twitter about the works UNICEF is doing regarding Women and children education and psycho-social support and why she came here to meet these people in need and wants to learn and spread awareness about them.


Gigi Hadid also posted a picture of her sitting in a circle of women that was also called a Women/Girl Friendly Zone at a Learning Centre there.

She was criticized on social media for being an Elitist socialite who was using this visit as a publicity stunt to get more attention to which she rightfully addressed the criticisms with a very strong and appropriate response.

This is not the first time Gigi Hadid has been vocal about spreading awareness regarding oppressed refugees. When she received the US Glamour Magazine’s ” Women of the year ” award in 2017 she spoke up about her father Mohammad Hadid who had been a Palestinian Refugee to the US. She was always very vocal about her Palestinian Heritage.Β Earlier on she had also been bombarded with a lot of criticism on social media when she posted her sympathies for the Palestinians in Gaza where many Palestinian protesters were killed by Israeli forces. But she again had a brilliant response to all the hatred she was receiving. You tell em Girl!

Gigi Hadid has joined the Ranks of other Humanitarian advocates and influential figures like Priyanka Chopra , who too is aΒ  Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. We hope that her efforts help raise awareness for the Rohingya Refugees who are in desperate need for health care and support from all of us.