Hania Aamir Gave an EPIC Reply to a Mentally Sick Person

Our cutie pie Hania Aamir is everyone’s favorite these days in Pakistan. We all love to see her on-screen whether it’s her drama or an advertisement, its surely a hit among the audiences. Hania isn’t just a decent actress but she is also a social media star and have a vary good sense of humor. I think that’s why people love her so much. Hania always makes sure to keep update her fans with her daily life and activities.

Last day, Hania posted her workout picture on her Instagram in which she doing some exercise with the caption of “Thinking about food that I can’t have.” It shows how much it takes to remain healthy and in shape. Take a look at the picture.

While most of her fans were praising Hania for her efforts, there’s was a sick freak commented something pretty inappropriate.

Here’s what he wrote.

His comment can shows how awful this person is and how sick mentality he has. But our cutie pie has her savage. She replied to him which made everyone laugh and praise her at the same time.

Here’s What She Replied To Him:

I think this is how everyone should response to their haters. Hania trolled him without even actually giving  a damn about what had written.

People Couldn’t Help But Laugh At Her Response. In No Time People Started Question This Person About His Comment.

While Some Wondered Why Did She Even Reply Back To Such A Loser!


And Others Just Wanted A Reply Back From Hania.


We are living in a society where people call themselves liberal and assume that it is their right to comment on other people and their lives whatever they want. And they also didn’t care about manners. I call these people sick.


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