Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi

Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi the man of the hour. The newly elected Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Everyone hopes that he will bring the change in Pakistan which he refers to as Naya Pakistan.

Before politics, he was one of best cricketer of time. From age of 13, Imran Khan started playing cricket. In 1971 he made debut from Pakistan in a series against England at this time his age was 18 years only. His cricketing career faced some up-downs but the highlight of his career was the world cup of 1992 as Imran Khan came from retirement and only had the ambition to win the world cup. Under his leadership, Pakistan won the world cup despite not being favorite of the tournament. Imran khan captaincy is admired by all the cricketing world. He is the first captain in the history of cricket who brought the idea of neutral umpire in cricket. Through things like this Imran Khan gained credibility around the world.

After retirement, Imran Khan started working on a mission to build a cancer-free hospital for Pakistanis. Which she named after her mother who was also a cancer patient. In 1994 Imran Khan with the help of people builds the first Shaukat Khanum memorial hospital. It’s a wonder in itself as is one of kind donation run cancer hospital.

Imran Khan is a visionary person so in 1996 he made a political Pakistan with the vision to make Pakistan corruption free and a state which Quaid e Azaam wanted it to be. From there his political journey began as Imran Khan refers to this as one of the most difficult journeys of his life. He named his party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. After losing their first election badly. In 2002 elections Imran Khan was able to secure his own seat only and sat on the opposition benches. He boycotted the next election. In 2011 PTI started to gain people attention after jalsa at Minar e Pakistan Lahore. They ran an excellent campaign. But just a few days few before the elections Imran Khan fell from a stage in Lahore. PTI also lost the elections. But emerged as the second largest party in terms of votes. The 2013 election there were many complaints of riggings. The elections were called the elections of ROs by the president of the time Asif Ali Zardari

Imran Khan made a protest against it and did a dharna of 126 days against it. After the end of Darna, Nawaz Sharif family got caught into the Panama papers scandal and Nawaz Sharif got disqualified because of scandal. The next year he got into the jail along with his daughter. In the meantime, PTI emerged as the largest party in the elections of 2018.

PTI made government in the center along with provincial governments in Punjab and KPK on 18th August Imran Khan took oath as a prime minister and announced his cabinet too. The people are looking forward to what change he will bring. As Imran Khan is started working on his first 100 days action plan.

We wish him all the best…