Is Saba Qamar ‘Baghi’?

Friday evening the newsfeed of every social media site was crashed down with leaked pictures of Saba Qamar.

Saba Qamar being a big and well recognized name of Pakistani drama and film industry does not need any introduction. She had worked really hard to get where she is now. Being one of the most talented actress she got a chance to get into Bollywood film industry and played a lead role against Irfan Khan.

A shoot from Barhi Checkout the resemblance between Qandeel Baloch and Saba Qamar

‘Baghi’ is one of the most important part of her career as with the end of the drama Saba Qamar turned out to be a completely different personality. She had learned to stand against wrong, live for herself not for others and can be truly seen to enjoy her life like never before

The beauty ❀

It was soon that the leaked pictures from her latest photoshoot got her into a controversy and people just can’t handle those. The keyboard jihadis came attacking towards her with loaded guns. They targeted her self-esteem and self respect.

The pictures were leaked when she was getting ready for her photoshoot. It is to be said as one of the cheapest way to capture BTS.

Here are the words in which people featured her pictures on Instagram

This video has been a part of the trolling too. This seems like a major chunk of the upcoming bang