Let Mahira Khan Breath

Live and let others live!!!!
But No. What’s the use of our life if we don’t interfere in others matter and poke them to death. Recently Mahira Khan’s video got viral on social media in which she is smoking. SMOKING Oh my God!!!!

Its just Mahira Khan smoking. Have a look and move on.

I am against smoking as an activity since it is injurious to health….. regardless of what gender you belong to! My words are not to support smoking but to stand for Mahira and raise voice for her right to enjoy her privacy.

“Loug Kya kehain gay” is hitting her so badly now. And who are these so called “loug”
I have to sadly say that it’s “US” yessss
I raised my finger at you. Ouccchh
That hurts. I know that hurts. So do you think Mahira is only a celebrity not human that it doesn’t hurt her when billion of “loug” are pointing her and gaining fame and raising their rating by making her video accessible to everyone

Was she born a celebrity? NO.
She has a heart of an ordinary human just like we do. Then why don’t we realise that it’s wrong to entertain ourselves from her life.

Smoking is cancerous but social media kills!!!

It’s her life.
She owns it.
Let her live,
And lets live.