Mahira Khan Spends A Day With The Afghan Refugee Children Camp

Celebrities, who have a huge impact on many social matters and can use their influence to raise awareness regarding important issues, are often involved in various philanthropic works with NGO.Β Our very own Raees Starlet, Mahira Khan, went on her first visit with UNHCR Pakistan to an Afghan Refugee camp in Karachi this Wednesday.

Mahira Khan with Afghan Children in Afghan Refugee Camp

She shared a very heartfelt message on her social media account explaining why it’s important to care about the Refugees settled in the camp and what the UN Refugee agency is doing to help them.

Resource: Mahir Khan’s Instagram

She spent a whole day at the camp and met the children there who were clearly too excited to see her there. She even sang the song ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ with the children who were overjoyed. We still can’t get over the picture Mahira posted with adorable little girls sitting on her lap posing for the camera and looking super cute and happy.

Mahir Khan with Afghan Refugee Kids

There’s even a picture of a little girl clinging onto Mahira’s hand and giving the biggest and sweetest smile we have ever seen. How cute!

Mahira also shared a heart-melting post about two small boys she met there who had followed her around everywhere and were big fans of Indian actor Varun Dhawan’s character ‘Raja’ in one of his movies. There was even a video of the boys singing a song from that movie too.

That post melted even Varun Dhawan’s heart who then replied saying: “That’s so amazing that you’re doing this work @mahirakhan. I saw the video and it brought a big smile on my face sending lots of love. Thank u for sharing.”

Mahira Khan also shared some really heartwarming pictures where she hugged some of the women there and even took selfies with them.

Mahira’s visit to the refugee camp is a reminder for us all to reach out and try to help these refugees because they no longer have homes of their own. The futures of these innocent refugee children is in our hands and we must all try to make their lives better.