Nadia Khan’s Career

The beautiful Nadia Khan

Nadia khan the famous Pakistani morning show host just made her acting come back after 17 years. Her last drama before this was Bandhan for which she also won the award of Ptv’s best actress.

Nadia Khan as Kinza from Aise Hai Tanhai

Nadia khan comeback drama “aesi hae tanhai “was from Fahad Mustafa production house and was directed by Badar Mahmood.The drama was about how the misuse of social media leads to disaster. How both the life of culprit and victim is changed.Showed how minor mistake of a person makes the life of the family miserable. Revealed the true dark side of social media.

Here is a review about the drama on our website.Scroll through this if you haven’t seen the drama

Look at that glow on her face

Nadia khan got an overwhelming response for her acting. And the industry welcomed her with a positive response. She is enjoying this protocol.She is being offered with a lot of new projects. Nadia Khan spoke about this fame time span in one of her interviews

This picture was taken during her morning show sessions

The reason she took a long break from the drama industry was that she thought the dramas of that era were comparatively not that exciting. The dramas of that time were focused on replicating the soap shows of star plus.The reason she got attracted towards hosting at that time.But dramas today consist of good scripts, good stories, and good direction. These things pulled her back to the industry.

Kaisa aurat ho tum,Nadia Khan’s upcoming drama is scheduled to air on 30th April on hum TV.The drama is directed by Fahim Burney.The storyline is based on a working woman who supports her husband, but her husband emotionally abuses and exploits her love for personal benefits.

Recent click from an event

Nadia khan is currently practicing “image-breaking “and going for the characters that are different.To give more value to her work. She wants to reshape her image in the mind of the people.These 17 years had resulted in her being a more mature personality

Last year Nadia khan was also under the spotlight when her daughter was physically abused.Her daughter went for an audition in Dubai during which she was grabbed by a person and pushed. The abusive behavior was not going with the context of lines given to her and was not part of the scene according to Nadia. She also told that after that a boy was also slapped during the auditions. Nadia tried to raise the issue but her words were shut back.However, she didn’t stop and called the police that resulted in the end of auditions.

Nadia Khan showed up on social media and made a video telling about the incident 

Nadia khan is also running her youtube channel called “OutStyle” and that is successfully growing.On her youtube channel, she blogs about fashion, beauty, health, and fitness.The channel has 70000 subscribers.

One of the posters of the show

This lady is shinning bright like a Diva now.A role model for many and inspiration for others.Her acting skills were lifted and polished due to her inner maturity.

Nadia Khan dropped all her extra inches before coming back to the industry.Chopped away all the lean fat around herpresentedsnted herself all trimmed and ready to hit.

Weight Transformation

Nadia Khan for sure came back with a bang!!

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