Pakistani Celebrities that Went Missing After Reigning Lollywood

There are many Artists who once ruled on Pakistani film industry and pushed the industry to the point where it is now. But now, in the era of social media, where even the junior artist got a lot of fan following, these people just look like a faint memory. We tried to get latest updates of these heart crackers but it looks like they are not catching attention anymore. Some of them are still doing some projects but still, it’s not enough. Here are few of them who have vanished from the big screen of Pakistani cinema a long time ago and now doing some little projects are sharing the small screen with newcomers. As you might know that the industry is so cruel, you will be surprised to know and think that they were really good but where they went.

1. Saleem Sheikh

In our list first one is Saleem Sheik. Being Javed Sheik’s sibling, it was expected to seeing him in Javed Sheik’s upcoming projects (due to nepotism lolz) but we are sorry to say that he is not working on these projects. As for himself, Saleem Sheik is a wonderful artist. We miss him and want to see him working again.

2. Rambo

Afzal Khan better known as John Rambo, he was inspired by original Rambo. This guy got fame from the dram “Guest House” in the early 90s. He was famous for his comedy not only on TV screen but movies as well.

3. Babra Sharif


We all love Babara Jee. If you didn’t know her ask your parents or elder siblings they must be a huge fan of her. The way she used to play both timid and shy characters while being her particular self-set is the path for lots of young and aspiring artists to be.

4. Saima Noor

We are seeing her in dramas but we still miss her on the big screen. There was a time when people bought film tickets just to see her on screen.

5. Saud


While Saud is now behind the cameras and also sometimes appears in TV shows. But there was a time when he ruled the Lollywood with his unique acting talent.

6. Resham


Resham Jee appeared in “Sangam” movie, for which she won a National Award for Best Actress. Now we see her in dramas.

7. Reema Khan


This cutie pie always carried her with grace and elegance. After getting married and moved to the USA she is not working anymore. We miss her so much on our screens.

8. Babar Ali


We always saw him doing mix roles. He always performed very well in both good and bad roles. We just saw him in so many films and we wondered where he went…

9. Moammar Rana

Momar Rana’s look for his movie ‘Azadi’


Moammar Rana was such cute chocolate actor who got so much fame after his movie “Choorian”. After a longtime missing, he is finally working on a project Azadi which is releasing in June 2018.

10. Meera Jee

Meera Jee the drama queen. She is the lady how knows how to be in news very well. She always keeps talking to comeback but it never happens.