RIP Anam Tanoli – Don’t let depression take your life

A 26-year-old model, Anam Tanoli, was found dead in her home in Lahore’s Defence area on Saturday, as reported by Police.

It is said to be a suicide since her body was found hung on ceiling. Her body was sent toย Lahore General Hospital for post-mortem examination by Police.

The young soul was reported to be highly mentally stressed. Infact, Anam had a meeting with her therapist on the day she leafy this world for a better and peaceful place.

Tanoli, who was also a fashion designer and one of the rising stars in the new generation of models in the Pakistani fashion industry, had returned from Italy around two months back.

Her friends and family mentioned during investigation that she has been lately under intense mental pressure due to the judgments she had to pass through each day by people around her because of her work. Anam was suffering from severe depression and had to visit therapist to let her heart out!

We are so sorry for not being able to help you. Any soul who leaves this world because of society and their judgments, the burden of her loss needs to be placed on each of us! We wish we could have a talk with you and made you feel lighter and stronger to fight against this cruel society.

RIP Anam Tanoliย 

You are in a much better place nowย