There was not a day when I did not cry – Hina Altaf

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Hina Altaf broke our heart during her amazing performance in Uddari. She once again did the same when she shared her traumatic experience with her mother while giving an interview at Sameena Peerzada’s show ‘Speak Your Heart’. Our entire life we love to live in an illusion that our homes are the safest place for us. It is when we are hearing stories like this that we realize that sometimes the deepest scars are carved at home and by those that you love the most. We claim a lot that Pakistan or at least the elite areas of Karachi have progressed a lot in life but to talk about mental stress and depression is still a taboo. To go to therapy is to claim that you have finally lost all. Hina Altaf is that one brave woman who broke every stereotype and every taboo to not only become the strong woman that she is today but to also become a source of inspiration for all those who are struggling today.

The expression on Hina Altaf’s face pulls at your heart when tells how her directors used to scold her and ask her that has her mother not taught her anything at home. She couldn’t tell them that her mother was struggling with Schizophrenia and used to beat her. She couldn’t tell them that at an age of 16 she had learned that she had to go out and earn for her family. She couldn’t tell them that she had never known what being a girl meant, how to dress up, how to walk with grace because she had so much more to deal with. She had no answers for either these question or the ones that inquired about the scars on her face where her mother had beaten her. How could she explain that her own mother called her a prostitute because she went out to act and earn for her family?

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Hina Altaf says in her interview, “I left like a free bird”. She took some hard decisions in her life to leave home and to not lose herself in drugs to forget the pain at home. She actively engaged in the physical exercise to build her body strength as well as her emotional strength. She did not let her circumstances break her but used every moment to make herself stronger.

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Hina Altaf shows her tattoo, the name of the doctor who helped her.