7 Easy DIY Ways to Decorate Your Room

Don’t you just love those cozy little magical rooms girls seem to have in movies ? Are you bored of the way your room looks ? If you nodded to both of those questions then keep reading babes cause we’ve got some pretty cool DIY ways to transform your room into the magical realm of your dreams !

Β 1. Never underestimate the power of fairy lights

Yes those twinkling little lights have the power to give your room a cozy and aesthetic look with very little effort. You can buy a bunch of those cute little lights in about any arts lights store and they don’t even cost a lot ! These lights come in every size and color but if you want that dim star-lit look in your room you should go for the small yellow lights. Simply hang them on top of your bed or on your walls and watch the magic happen.

2. Use a color themeΒ 

Another fun way to make your room look cute is to keep a color theme in mind. You don’t have to match every thing exactly, keep a tone in mind and then furnish your room to coordinate that theme. A few really beautiful color themes are pastels like lilac with white and grey. Or maybe a Caribbean Blue theme with cool shades of teal, Aqua and white. Color themes look best with white furniture.


3. Turn your walls into your personal canvas

If you’re blessed with artistic talents then don’t be afraid to put your art on your wall. And if you’re not exactly Picasso material then don’t worry , you can use stencils to draw on your walls too. Use small sized brushes or spray paint in the case of stencils to make intricate floral patterns or paint quotes on your walls. You can even use roll-on paints to make things easier.

4. Put a canopy on your bed

If you want to give your room a fairy tale make over then put up a canopy top on your bed. You don’t necessarily have to buy a new canopy-top bed for this either. Just attach ropes or beams on top of your bed and hang netting on it. Put up lights on your canopy and voila you can now sleep on a bed fit for a queen.

5. Cover your walls with posters and hangings

Another easy way to change your boring walls is to put up pop-art or vintage themed posters of celebrities or your favourite places to visit . You can even print out images at home about things you love and put them up all over your walls.

6. Picture Collages

If you own a poloroid camera then you can easily put up dozens of pictures on a string with laundry-clips and put up lights on them. But if you don’t have that camera you can still print out small sized photos and cover your walls with beautiful memories.

7. Add Book shelves

This is for all the book lovers out there! Wall-mounted book shelves are best for decorating your walls. You can put up rows and columns of shelves on your walls and fill them up with your favourite classics. You would practically be living in a library then how cool is that?