Back to Basics: University Chic

With the scorching summer sun and the start of semester for many university going girls, a new wardrobe that is the perfect combination of fashionable, affordable and weather friendly is a big priority. Here are a few trends that will be making the rounds in Pakistani Universities this year:

Graphic tees are all the rage:

Source: Hania Amir’s Instagram

Pairing cute graphic tees with cropped boyfriend jeans give an effortless vibe to an outfit. Not only does it scream hip but most captions on them are also really cute and funny and thus a way to express your personality through your outfit. My tee would definitely scream “dead inside”.

Go krazy with kimonos:

(Via Sejal Kumar’s Instagram)

Wearing printed and floral kimonos over a tank top is a great way to stay cool in the sweltering heat while also eliminating the risk of a horrible tan. We suggest pairing kimonos with statement earrings like tassel or feather earrings to add to the boho chic/ Coachella vibe of the look.

Flowwy Palazzos:

(Via Iqra Aziz’s Instagram)

Bell bottom jeans and palazzos are very in style these days. Many fashionistas and celebrities are seen donning many different versions of palazzos with a flared bottom or belts. In order to balance the flowwy nature of the Palazzos we suggest tucking in a half sleeved tee to give a sleek edge to the look.

Colourful scarves and white tees:

(Via Eman Suleman’s Instagram)

This simple trick can add variety to your wardrobe without investing in loads of different outfits. By changing scarves and bottoms with the same tee you can create infinite combinations of outfits according to your mood of the day. The scarves also act as a statement piece which accentuate the basic and boring white tee.

Jhumkas galore!!!!

(Arooba Ghayas photography)

This semester embrace your heritage and tradition. Jhumkas have the unique ability of going with any and all outfits and giving a special grace to your look which very few other jewellery pieces can do. The Lahore Liberty market is a heaven for jhumka shoppers. Be careful not to go insane and spend your entire pocket money there like I did.

Bringing back Shalwars:

(Khaadi online store)


For people who HATE tights and skinny jeans in the summer heat, they will loveeeee this trend for not only its style but also its comfort. You can opt for plain shalwars for a traditional look or for girls who want to bring shalwars to the 21st century, embroidered and funky printed shalwars are essential to attain the perfect fusion of desi swag.


We love hearing from you so comment below with any trends we missed out. Have a great semester!