Irfan Junejo – The Vlogger King


Irfan Junejo the person no one knew a year ago. But now is recognized as the one of best vlogger of Pakistan. Irfan Junejo started vlogging in his room with a simple 3-minute video with an ambition to shoot a vlog daily. In the beginning, his channel was growing gradually and was able to gain 20,000 subscribers in 3 months.

A capture from Irfan Junejo’s childhood

After this, the audience began rapidly and currently Irfan Junejoβ€˜s youtube channel has 324,000 subscribers.Due to his remarkable work on youtube he collaborated with big brands and covered their event. He worked with Nokia when footballer star like Ronaldinho and Ryan Gigs came to Pakistan.Moreover, he worked with Islamabad united and covered the PSL and created content for them.

Apart from this he has worked with some NGOS like hope and produced content for them. Irfan is famous for his travel guides. And his travel guide to Naran is one of his most famous videos and he was appreciated for that around the world. Also, he loves bikes and owns an r1 himself. The videos related to his bike gained million of views such as my dream bike and my Yamaha r1.

One thing Irfan mentions is that through youtube.He has been able to go to many places and worked with top brands.This tells the power of youtube. His latest achievement is he created an advertisement for Huawei honor x. Also, he is trying to promote the trend of moto vlogging in Pakistan.
The thing people like about irfan’s video is his storytelling abilities and able to create interest even in random daily life activities. His content inspires a lot of other YouTubers as he has set the bar of vlogging in Pakistan to another level and his worked his appreciated across the border. He recently collaborated with a famous Indian youtube.

Although he is not the first vlogger of Pakistan still he is considered one of the pioneer vlogger.