Science Supports Idda

Idda is a sacred time period that is blessed to a woman by Allah either after her separation from her husband (it could be divorce or khula) or after her husband’s death.

A woman who is divorced by her husband has to wait for at least 3 months period while a woman whose husband died is ordered to wait for a bit longer time period that is 4 months and 10 days (at least) before marrying again. If she is pregnant, then her waiting period lasts until the birth of the child.

This has surprised the modern science after discovering of (imprint man water). The liquid imprint of a man contains 62 proteins, and it differs from one man to another, just like our fingerprints. The human body works like a computer in this case. It’s like a personal code for each man and a woman’s body carries the computer where the code can be put. If a woman marries another man immediately after the divorce or allows other codes to enter her, it’s like viruses entering the computer.

This will cause an imbalance, and it’ll bring dangerous infectious diseases. It has been proven scientifically, during the first menstrual period after divorce, the woman removes 32% to 35%. Second period 67% to 72% and third period 99.9% of the man’s imprint.

Talking about the womb, it is cleansed from the previous imprint after 3 menstrual periods and is ready to receive a new imprint without injury or harm after that time period.

The waiting time period of a widow needs more time to remove this code. Because grief makes the imprint to settle inside the womb in a very strong way. That’s why Allah A’aza wa Jal Said

Four Months and Ten Days

Indeed Islam is the religion that has been perfected upon all the souls of this world.Β