Aangan Comes To An End

So last week the Serial Aangan just came to an end. As Sajjad had already died in the previous episode. His final rituals can be seen happening.

All the family members were highly effected by the departure of the soul.It can be seen that due to the death of one person in the family how everyone breaks down but yet unite to support each other in the time of grievance. Every one in the family Is shattered because of the death of Sajjad, specially Hajra, Shayna, Main Sahab and Zaitoon Bano.

Shafiq is guilty for all his acts and the injustice he did. He can be seen asking forgiveness from Main Sahab for all the wrong he has done. While Anila is also seen guilty and embarrassed because of her acts.

However after they both excuse, mian sahab forgives them. Main Sahab then asks Hajra to take the decision that the whole family should stay together or split. Hajra then decides that the whole family should stay together.

Then there is a few months leap in the serial. After a few months it can be seen that the whole family is once again happy together. Asim and Laila can be seen getting better together in their relationship.

Mian Sahb is also seen to visit Asim’s second wife and he have accepted him as a member of his family.

Zahid and Sajjad’s son can be seen handling the factory and the business with great efficiency. Zahid has changed his ways and has become more responsible. Main Sahab can be seen gardening as he used to. Then Hajra breaks the news to him that he is going to be a great grand father and with all the happiness the serial comes to an end.

This serial was a very different one than the rest. It had all the hilarious and the serious characters that one can find in daily life.

Moreover it showed the advantages of living together and the problems that one has to face living in joint family system. This serial would surely be missed and more serials like this are much needed.