Aangan Episode 30 Review

Anagan drama is on a role as the last episode aired on last Tuesday has crossed 400k views on youtube in less than 24 hours. From last 2 weeks, the story of the drama is going through many twist and turns. From secret wedding of Sadan with the girl of his choice. And the confusion of Zahid’s second marriage that in the end proved to be Asim’s second marriage. In the last episode, Mian jee asked both Laila and Asim to take their decisions regarding the issue. Mian Jee gave full leverage to Laila to make a decision without any pressure.

After this Laila took the decision to leave this house as she does not know either she will be able to forgive Asim or not. Moreover, the feeling of being with Asim will not let her live in this house. On the other hand, the second wife of Asim is taking the blame on herself. While Sadan’s mother is not happy with the attitude of family members as according to her they are not taking the issue of Sadan’s marriage seriously and giving all attention to Asim and Laila. Hajra Bhabhi is annoyed with the existence of Sadan’s wife in the house who is trying to take care of her and other family members.

The turning point of the episode was when Laila tried to give the baby she adopted from Rubina back to her. After seeing Rubina crying her reaction made Laila change her mind and after returning the baby, Laila went to Mian jee and told him she is not going back but she will not share his room with Asim. As she is staying here only for the baby and don’t want to disappoint Rubina.

In the end, when Asim came back home his elder brother told him that Mian jee has ordered that he will stay in the guest bed and Laila will live in the room only. On this Asim has a mixed reaction. Moreover during the last part of the episode younger daughter of Mian jee, Zoya, arrives and the whole house is happy on his arrival with his husband. The episode closes where Zoya reacts exactly like her elder sister Aneela and creates an issue on how daughters are mistreated in the house.

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Episode 30