Did you guys heard about ‘Aangan’ Drama? If no then get yourself tuned to it soonest.

Aangan is a beautifully produced drama by Qasim Ali Mureed and written by Faiza Ifitikar. The story speaks about a family which is a true definition of perfect desi family, where everyone lives under one roof, shares their tears, eats together, celebrates together and never misses the edge of fighting.The characters are hilarious, serious and hyperactive and honest at the same time.

The story till date revolves around Zoya who is the youngest daughter and is yet to get married and is of same age of that to her niece. We get to see the realistic phase of what happens in a typical Pakistani family during the search of rishta, then getting the right person hocked, then pre wedding hassle and finally the wedding functions.

The realistic approach is what makes this drama stand out from all the others. The rating is hitting sky with every next episode. Everyone wants to see this excellent combination of comedy, climax, action and effect.

Now it’s time for you to fix on sofa every Saturday 8 pm and enjoy Aangan