Aisi Hai Tanhai

Aisi hai tanhai, a Pakistani drama broadcasted on ARY Digital, produced by Fahad Mustafa, directed by Bandar Mehmood and written by Mohsin. Ali The story is based on how a women has to struggle in this world after being raped and fight for her rights.

The female lead role is played by Sonya Hussayn as Pakeeza while Sami Khan as Hamza, is the male lead actor. Nadia Khan takes a come back to drama industry after a long break, as Kinza.

aisi hai tanhai

Saba Hameed beautifully plays role of a single mother,who grows up her two daughters,kinza and pakeeza all on her own. She possess a very strong personality as she had to take the toughest decision of giving poison to Pakeeza after her MMS is leaked.

She leaves Pakeeza alone on her death bed in the hospital and tells everyone about her fake death. However, Pakeeza goes into a state of coma and is taken care by one of the Hospital’s Doctor, Dr.Saad. Pakeeza is raped by one of the sweepers of hospital when she is in coma and gets pregnant too.

While Hamza(Pakeeza’s ex-fiancΓ©) and Kinza(Pakeeza’s sister) gets married according to the wish of Pakeeza’s mother. This marriage is nothing more than a punishment for them since both of them are not happy.

Pakeeza losses her unborn child as a result of an accident. Dr.Saad when gets to know about her rape he files a case against the hospital and sweeper. Pakeeza is against filing her rape case but she is convinced by her friend Rimsha. Rimsha was guilty since she leaked Pakeeza’s MMS which lead to Hamza’s and Pakeeza’s relation coming to an end. Pakeeza with support of Dr. Saad is able to win the case.But during one of the case calls which was also being attended by Hamza, he lost his life in target killing. Pakeeza was the targeted by the opponent party but Hamza proved his love and gave his life to save Pakeeza.

The story end with Pakeeza being an example for all the women out that they should raise voice for their right and drag the culprits to court so they punished. Pakeeza starts a boxing school in the memory of Hamza, who was also a wonderful boxer. There she gives training to girls on how to protect themselves in case of rape or an attack.

“Raise your voice against the wrong, life doesn’t ends if you are a rape victim”.