Bay Dardi Last Episode

The last episode of Bay Dardi, which was aired on 27 August left all the viewers in tears. Bay Dardi has been everyoneโ€™s favorite since day one because of its unique plot. The idea of creating awareness about AIDS and HIV positive is the reason which kept us hooked every Monday at 8 pm to our TV screens.

The storyline undoubtedly leaves a great impact on the audience. The writer has been successful enough to bring the desired change in the way a person looks towards someone suffering from AIDS. The typical thinking that a person is to be characterless if he suffers from AIDS has been cracked up to some point. Not all of us will question the character of the sufferer now. We came across how the bitterest present opens up to the unrevealed reality that can whitewash the character of a human in the eye of the society.

All the actors have done an amazing job, especially Bushra Ansari (Maa) who completely justified to the role of a mother and have shown to which degree a mother can go just for the happiness of his child. Moreover, her personality change at the end was so awarded. Her struggle to make up for her mistake could be seen. Biaโ€™s love for her husband and her support till his last days needs an appraiser also. Shahfay could be seen balancing between the role of a husband and a son. His unconditional love for Bia has always been his power to survive through the painful days of his life. Moreover, Tabreezโ€™s supportive role is not to be ignored. His fatherly protection has been one of the biggest support for Bia thought the drama.

This drama has been ranked as one of the most watched ones just because of the beautiful message of love, humanity, guilt, support, and protection it has left behind.

The Pakistani drama industry does want a lot of dramas like these to bring a change in the thinking of people and create awareness for issues like these which people in our society are hesitant to discuss.