Baydardi Episode 8 Review

So the 8th episode of the new ARY serial ‘Baydardi’ aired on Monday and it was a complete hit. The episode already has 1.3 million views.

The episode started as Shafay’s mother without informing Shafay takes him to Bia’s place where Bia is already seen ready as a bride – looking like a complete stunner. Then Shafay and Bia get married and Shafay is on cloud nine.

Moving on Shafay and Bia can be seen enjoying some romantic and cute moments together. The next day of the marriage Bia tells Shafay that it was her brother who convinced her of this marriage but she already felt for him.

Then Shafay’s mamu, Tabraiz, who was out of town comes back and he was shocked to see Bia and Shafay together however he keeps quiet in accordance with the situation. But as soon as Bia and Shafay leave, Tabraiz insists his sister to tell the truth to both Shafay and Bia as it was not late and Bia could be saved from the HIV virus. However, Shafay’s mother does not agree and insists that it is God who gives and takes life, furthermore she blackmails him that she would commit suicide if anything was told to Shafay or Bia. Finally, Tabraiz decides to keep quiet.

While on the other hand Bia and Shafay go to see Bia’s brother where Bia gets her ears on the conversation between her sister in law and her brother (sister in law’s brother) that Bia’s mother in law would be giving them money monthly for this marriage. After listening to this Bia is in complete shock and heartbroken as she feels her dignity is hurt and the marriage was a deal.

This episode ends on the scene when Shafay’s mother sends him to get some files from her drawer but Shafay comes across his medical reports.

The episode ended with quite a suspense that would Shafay get to know the truth that he is HIV positive or not. And what would happen to Bia, would she get the HIV virus or not? Don’t forget to watch the next episode on Monday to know what happens to Shafay and Bia.

Episode 8