Dar Si Jati Hai Sila

In November when the hit drama Yaqeen ka Safar ended. The spot of that drama has to be fulfilled by a good drama. Dar Si Jati Hae Sila was released then and was able to live up to the expectations of the people. The play Dar Si Jati Hae Sila is written by Bee Gul and is directed by Kashif Nisar. The drama comes from Momina Duraid production House.

The cast of this drama includes the ever dashing Noman Ijaz in a leading role as Jawad (Joyee). Itโ€™s hard to see Noman Ijaz in this type of bold role, the innocent looking Yumna Zaidi as Sila portraying the role of a scared girl who is being tortured by Joyee. ย Saman Ansari as Sadia her mother who is unable to protect her daughter.

As Hum TV comes up with plays which highlight different social issues of the society. Dar Si Jati Hae Sila Also has a bold topic of how girls are sexually abused and harassed by trusted family members and still they remain quiet for the sake of their family. The drama is based on real-life situations.

This shows the relationship between Joyee and Sila. How he tortures her by doing things like sneaking into her room late at night touching and scaring her. Silaโ€™s mother is aware of Joyee but she is helpless since she cannot do anything other than saving her from Joyee silently.

Later in drama, it is revealed that Joyee also harassed Sadia, Sila’s mother during her lifetime and she remained silent too.As Silaโ€™s father was out of the country there was no male from whom she can seek protection against Joyee

Moreover, the family considers Sadia and Sila as a liability as they have to bear most of their expenses as they do not have any father head with them. Sadia raised Sila alone and is criticized by everyone for the nervous behavior of Sila and everyone questions her upbringing.

Joyee, on the other hand, is a religious person and respected by everyone, but none knows the darkest side of Joyee. This gives him the confidence to do such things. Apart from Sila others also have issues with Joyee for his questioning behavior.

Joyee is also trying to stop Silaโ€™s marriage with her cousin Raheel. Joyee is trying to prove that Sila is mentally unstable. So this might help him ending her engagement with Raheel.

Dar Si Jati Hae Sila is giving a strong message to our women that if you remain silent on these issues. The result is you will become more vulnerable and might not able to do something rest of your life. Shows how the women have the fear that the family will not believe them and they will end up getting dirt on their own character due to this. Letโ€™s see what happens next in this drama and how Sila and Sadia deal with Joyee.