Khud Parast


So a new show just hit the list! ARY Digitalโ€™s new drama serial Khud Parast aired its first episode on 6th of October 2018. The show already has a high TRP and people are going crazy over it. The show is a direction of Aabis Raza and the storyline is by Radain Shah. The show is a production of Fahad Mustafa. The lead roles of the show are being played by Shehzad Sheikh as Hannan and Ramsha Khan as Uswa.


The genre of the drama serial Khud Parast is romantic and the third episode has already been aired. The story is about two people who are complete opposites. Hannan being from a typical Pakistan conservative and a religious family while being extremely rich. His family is conservative to an extent that women are forced to wear an Abaya and are not allowed to do anything of their own choice. While on the other hand Uswa being from a middle-class family but women in her family have the liberty to do whatever they want.

Ramsha Khan Pictures from her drama serial Khud Parast

So the story of drama serial Khud Parastย starts as Hannanโ€™s mother see Uswa in a shopping center and likes her for her son. She then sends a proposal for her but also puts forward a clause that Uswa would have to wear an Abaya and could not talk to any other man than her husband. Uswaโ€™s mother agrees over the clauses but when she tells Uswa about the clauses she gets frustrated and disagrees over the marriage. Her mother and sister then try to convince her and she finally agrees.

The teaser for the fourth episode shows Hannan and Uswa getting married but now we have to see if she would be able to adjust in the conservative environment or not.

Khud Parast Drama Cover

The next episode will be aired on 27th of October and it is a must watch!