Meri Guriya Episode 7 and 8

Right from the beginning, the drama has not only addressed the issue of child abuse and rape, it has also focused on educating the masses as well. The way Shehnaz (Sania Saeed) educated her daughters about strangers and good touch and bad touch have been exemplary. Even if we cannot sit with our children to teach them how to maintain a distance with strangers, the drama is doing a good job of actually explaining to us how the subject can be approached.

In the latest episode of Meri Guriya, we saw how Dabeer succeeded in his evil attempts and how Abida has gone missing. The double episode begins when Dabeer very cleverly tries to put whole the blame of poisoning Samreen to Safeena but Samreen understands the whole situation and takes the whole blame on herself saying that she attempted to poison herself because she doesnโ€™t want to marry an aged person. What we want to know is why Samreen, knowing the fact Dabeer actually wanted to kill Safeena is still calm and quiet about the matter. Even Safeena doesnโ€™t say anything about it.

Dabeer, who failed in his attempts last time, this time again uses Jahan Ara to execute his plan. The whole incident appears like a coincident when there is a function going in the house and Dabeer asks Shameer for a glass of water and coincidentally Shameer calls Abida to give Dabeer water. Dabeer takes advantage of this situation, he intoxicates her and abducts her by putting her in a sack. He very cleverly takes her into an abandoned house. Now what he did with her is not shown. It is not shown that he kills her or not.

Again the play also reflects the inefficiency of police who does not facilitate the victims. How the policeโ€™s delay in filing an FIR is actually facilitating the criminals. Abida is missing for now and Shehnaz is hysterical. Sania Saeed is exceptional in this weekโ€™s episode, you cry with her, you cry for the child and all this just happens while you look at the screen.

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