Meri Guriya – Last Episode Review


Meri Guriya turned out to be a drama that addressed a lot of societal issues and stereotypes. It was a wonderful job done to bring the most important issue to the light of child abuse but to talk only about that would be an injustice done to the hard work behind the drama. Many times we get too swept by own emotions or our pre-made conclusions that we fail to see that the screen had so much more to show and reach out to. Mohsin Abbas Haider did great justice to his character by playing the role of the abuser. Sania Saeed was also an excellent choice as a mother crying for the justice of her daughter while Sonya Hussain excellently portrayed the number of taboos and prejudices attached to a woman. Each character in him is a portrayal of the societal issues which has multiple layers.

The drama 'meri guriya'
Scenes from the dramaย Meri Guriya
When Shehnaz sees the body of her daughter
Safeena, Dabeer, and Shehnaz

The idea of Marriage

One interesting theme that was touched upon from the first episode of Meri Guriyaย to the last was the idea that the sole purpose of a woman is to marry and then everything else revolves around it. Sonya Hussain plays badminton and is rebellious about who her mother marries her to but in the end, she married Dabeer. She says a wonderful dialogue at the end to her mother who keeps insisting that who would marry a girl like her. Sonya or Safeena in the drama says, โ€œeven if I end up bringing the stars from the sky, you would still ask me the same question that who will marry you. Why donโ€™t you understand that marriage is a part of life not the goal of life?โ€

Safeena as a bride breaking all the taboos

That is the problem of every girl in our society that they have made marriage the sole purpose of their life and every action is taken to attain that one goal. Safeena by the last episode has developed a friendly relationship with her brother-in-law and for many, there was the expectation of a love interest but that does not happen. It is to show once again that the purpose of this drama is not Safeena finding love and nor is that the goal of a girlโ€™s life.

Shehnaz with her daughter who is raped and murdered At the top is Safeena who helps in avenging the injustice done

The idea of a ‘Man’

In our society, a man is the one who is masculine and dominant. Dabeer somehow could not be that at home and had an elder brother who was that. For Dabeer to prove himself a man he would show his masculinity and dominance outside of the home by sexually abusing small girls and murdering them. Sometimes it is the values of the society that drive men to horrendous crimes. This not make the crime acceptable or the abuser free of blame but it actually draws attention to more in-depth issues present that start home.

The drama'meri guriya', the rapist gets hanged
Dabeer being hanged Drama Meri Guriya


The drama no doubt did well but at times it could have done better. To the end, it seemed like the drama was being dragged especially the court scene. The ending scene with Rab Nawaz was hilarious. It did not make sense the way the ending scenes played out like the call in the middle of killing someone, the rush home to find his daughter safe. It seemed like a rush to just end the drama. Most importantly the mother Dabeer was another big flaw. After crying for episodes and going against everyone to save her son, she suddenly accepted the fate in the end. In the end, the drama struck a chord with me like many else and was an amazing depiction of not one but various issues present in our society. Watch the last episode of Meri Guriya