Suno Chanda Review

So with the start of Ramadan a new Ramadan Special Drama “Suno Chanda” also started. This show is being premiered on HUM TV and the lead roles are played by Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz.

the lead roles Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz

The story of this drama is written by Saima Akram Chaudhry and has been directed by Aehson Talish. The show seems to be quite a success as the last day episode has already crossed 645 K views.

This show is being praised because of the reality based story which is mixed up with humor. The story begins as two cousins living in a joint set up had been nikkahofied on the wish of their dying grandfather. The whole family seems to be happy with this marriage except for Ajia and Arsal.

Ajia’s and Arsal’s mothers arguing
Jia’s brother
He plays role of a perfect naughty younger sibling

The drama revolves around Arsal and Ajia as they both want to escape this marriage. They both can be seen pulling tantrums against each other and fighting about everything.

Their families have decided their Rukhsati the day after the Eid and Arsal and Ajia want to end their relation before that. The story comes with many twists and turns and the way the other family members play their role.

Until Arsal and Ajia plan to make their families fight so they could get out of the marriage. As Ajia wants to continue her studies at London School of Economics and Arsal wants a wife who understands him more.

Arsal getting angry on Ajia As usual
Jia warning Arsal

Watch the drama in order to know more about the upcoming life of Arsal and Ajia and how their life will change.

Will they get separated or not?

To know this don’t forget to watch it on HUM TV.