Who is Guilty of Second Marriage? ‘Asim’ or ‘Zahid’


As this week ARY digital changed the timing of Aangan and are giving their fans a double treat by airing the drama twice a week from now on. Aangan is trending and generating a lot of hype as new characters are being introduced, which is making the drama more interesting.

Soon after Zoya’s wedding, the debate regarding the new child of Zahid started off, since Aba jee wanted Zahid to give his child to his elder brother, Asim who isn’t blessed with any kid, while Zahid already has 3 children. This issue first created a resistance in the house as Zahid refused to give his child and Asim was also not willing to adopt Zahid’s kid.

But eventually, when their wives and Aba jee advised them, they were convinced to take this step since they thought it to be fruitful for both the families. Both brothers agree to it. On the arrival of the baby boy Asim insists Zahid to go through the legal process of adopting, so he and Laila becomes official parents of the kid

On the other hand, Sajad’s daughter, Shaheena managed to clear her intermediate with good marks and the whole family celebrated her success. She dreams of studying media studies in university but her mother is against this wish and wants her to do bachelors from the same college from where she did her intermediate.

Turning the page, Sajjad’s son Sadan is not happy with her mother. Because she is not letting her marry the girl he loves and keeps on imposing her decisions on him.

But after discussing this matter with Asim Chachu he is able to convince his father to go to his nikkah with Afrah, her dream girl.In the recent episode Zahid, Asim, and Sajjad accompany Sadan on his nikkah and after nikkah, they take the newlyweds to an apartment where they are welcomed by a young lady. Zahid and Asim seems familiar to the lady.However, Sadan is still anxious to know who she is

Then Zahid breaks the ballon of anxiety by telling him that she is also his Chachu.his gives him a shock, but he is left speechless when he cames to know that she is Asim’s wife.He secretly got married to him a few months before.While all this is happening the wives of Aism and Zahid are able to find the house of that lady, supposing she is Zahid’s second wife.Since Rubina, his wife is observing his mysterious behavior for a while.

Moreover, during the end scene of the recent episode, Sadan comes home with his wife and faces his mother and daddi in their ‘Angan’.The ladies are shocked to see her.The episode ends with suspense.

Hajra crying when she gets to know the shocking news of Sadan’s wedding

Today’s episode will be very interesting as we will see what is the reaction of rest of the family members on Sadan’s marriage and will Asim’s wife came to know about his second marriage?

Tune in to Ary Digital 9 pm to know what happens.

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