Yakeen Ka Safar

“Yakeen ka Safar” was one of the most trending shows that aired on HUM TV in April 2017. The series was a substantial success and it was praised due to its unique storyline. The story of the show was written by Farhat Ishtiaq and the direction was by Shahzad Kashmiri. The production was by Momina Duraid and the drama was produced in Karachi and Neelum Valley. The genre of the series was betrayal, love and how the women in our society are treated.

The lead roles of the drama were played by Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir, where Sajal played as Dr. Zubiya and Ahad played as Dr. Asfandyar. The drama started as to how both the lead roles face tragedies in their life which change their personalities over time. Dr. Zubiya was betrayed in love as someone tried to rape her in the marriage and then her father killed her mother about which she had to keep silent which killed her from the inside.

On the other hand was the story of Dr. Asfandyar as his brother was killed by a political party when he tried to fight the law case of a rape victim Noori. Dr. Asfandyar also faced betrayal in love, as his fiancé got married to someone else. Then the story moves on about how the circumstances get the lead roles to meet and fall in love with each other in Neelum Valley where Dr. Asfandyar has opened up a hospital and Dr. Zubiya moves in to work.

The story of the drama was more about real life than a fantasy which made it distinctive as it depicted the harsh realities of our society. The story of ‘Yakeen ka Safar’ was surely a unique one and the viewers have been waiting for more of such shows!!