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Pakistani drama industry is producing amazing dramas these days.And surprisingly most of the ladies are taking its advantage to its best.As soon as the clock ticks 8 in the evening, most of them are gummed to their sofa’s with their tea…having the best time of the day.What a relaxing sight it is after a long day

Here are the dramas you should see


Mah E Tamaam-Hum Tv

Starring Naveen Waqar and Emmad Irfani in the lead roles, Mah-e-Tamaam is a promising story. The gorgeous Naveen Waqar and the handsome Emmad Irfani have good chemistry together as a couple. Emmad’s sister played by Ramsha Khan is shown very attached to her brother that even on his wedding night she is able to whisk him away while his bride waits for him.The drama for sure seems to be a rather interesting one.



‘Khasara’ is the story of Sila and Moonis, a simple couple from a small town faces the similar situation as Sila gets impressed from Moonis’ childhood friend Mohtasim and his modern wife Linta.Sila in search of a better future comes too far away, ignoring her family. Mohtasim proposes Sila for marriage and now she is on the verge to decide between love and money.Life can be simple and contended if we stop chasing our unwanted desires for an upscale lifestyle. The more we try to achieve them the more complications arise.


Dar Si Jati Hai Sila

A shying and fearing girl, Sila along with her mother, Saadia are being victimized by a funny-yet-clever hypocrite, Joey. As the story goes further, the mother informs her daughter that she had been once the wife of that hypocrite and has ala so son from him and that is the reason why he annoys them both. the As story unfolds, the people may not trust him anymore as they are unaware of this fact.



Here you need to change your time.Nibah gets aired on 9 pm

Nibah is a story about a happy family living together. When they had each other; they had everything because there is nothing like family love and togetherness Their happiness gets into stake and trouble when Saiqa gets diagnosed with cancer that shakes their world terribly.Saiqa before dying takes a promise from Shaheer to get married again for the sake of their children. Shaheer was forced to get married to Sofia and so as Sofia was enforced to get married again to live the rest of her life.

The legendary Asif Raza Mir, the versatile Aaminah Sheikh, and the extremely talented Sawera Nadeem are in the cast of Nibah.The cast clearly indicates that this one is to be an intense play, not to be missed at any cost.


Zun Mureed

Zun Mureed is a fantastic and a very intense play, with the cast comprising of Nadia Khan and Omair Rana who are a happy couple with children, it is surprising to see him change as he begins to abuse his wife which results in her calling the police on him.Thi story is an eye-opener as it will educate the women, who, sadly, are victims of abuse but never have the courage or information to call for help in genuine cases.



The show is a hardcore girl-centric story. It tells the story of Arsala (played by Zara Noor Abbas) and her struggles. There’s a love angle to it and the play talks about relationships, not just a love affair but also with parents and siblings.The other character that makes the storyline more interesting is Naeema, Arsala’s sister, who is very greedy and jealous, unlike Arsala.


Ishq Tamasha

This drama serial has got the most demanding and powerful cast of recent times. Big names like Kinza Hashmi, Aiman Khan, Faizan Khawaja and Junaid Khan are cast in a showy part. Without question, Ishq Tamasha is an impressive drama. Director Danish Nawaz shows admirable control through most of the proceedings. The story is very well engaged, Junaid Khan looks awesome as Mehraab. Kinza Hashmi as Rushna looks pretty, Aiman Khan has done a great job as Mirha. No actor can do a much better role of Arhum than Faizan Khawaja.

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