Zun Mureed last episode

The episodes started when Razia went to Tabbasum’s brother’s house to tell everyone what was going on. Tabbasum was not home therefore Fari had to decide whether she should convince her sister to go back or not. Everyone overlooked that Tabbasum tried to go back but she was turned back in the worst way possible by Sajjad. Fari is the only one who realized this.

So far, Tabbasum has been shown as a sensible and sensitive woman who never let her ego lead her. Watching Sajjad finally accept his mistakes and especially his reply to Marium, in the end was truly heartwarming. Sajjad’s character development has changed the aspects of the entire storyline altogether. The fact that Tabbasum heard Sajjad’s confession herself is a major reason why she can now go back to him with complete confidence in him.

Bi Jaan’s apology and her state of mind was also a really important turning point of the story. She has surely learned her lesson and now she knows that she needs Tabassum to run this house. Everyone realized the importance of Tabassum in their lives because she was a hardworking responsible woman who knew how to balance her house and office perfectly. Moreover, Sajjad’s reply to Mariam was on point.

The way Tabassum started to manage everything was remarkable. How she tried to act normal with her husband and her mother in law despite the problems she faced by them. The way she began teaching her children how to stay away from evil things. And also when she forgave her maid Rubina and encouraged to speak the truth and give importance to our self-respect.

We were looking forward to an ending in which Tabbasum would be valued and Sajjad would turn over a new leaf.