Reclaim your heart – Book Review

Are you expecting too much from the people and are hurted when people let you down. Do you sometimes find yourself struggling to treat people? Do you want to heal your heart? And want to revive the hope which is missing in you. So reclaim your heart is a book you should read.It’s a self-help book which explains how our hearts are busy loving the changing things rather than loving the creator of this universe.

This book reconnects the reader with Allah and helps it identify the true meaning of life.What to do when the believer is blessed with gifts and what a believer should do in the time of hardship. As often we ask our self in the time of hardships why me. This book might help you find the answer to this question.

This book is a small read divided into sections. Such as it contains the section of attachment in which the author tells how should fill our emptiness. The next section beautifully explains the love.What true love is and how the love of this world is a prison.AS true love is the love of Allah. The next section covers a topic of hardships.How you should hold onto the right oath in the time of hardship. How to heal our heart which is hurt by others.What should be our idea of dream life and what do losses teach us. The books also cover a section regarding the relationship with the creator. As the ultimate goal of life should be to please the Creator.The book also discusses the dark side of social media and how it affects our lives. Moreover, it consists of sections related to the status of women and Muslim Ummah.The book is written by Yasmin Mogahed and the book also consist of pieces of her poetry.The book is well written by her with Quranic references.