Unnotified Changes in Punjab Text Books

The government of Pakistan does an amazing job by providing free books for government schools from grade 1 till 5, and other reference books are available at a very affordable pocket friendly price.100 points for this effort to increase literacy rate,however I would award them ‘ZERO’ points for changing the context of books.

Unnotified changes have been brought to Sindh text book and also to Punjab textbook.It is analysed that these changes have taken place with an unofficial approval by the higher authorities including the head of educational system,the publishing head and other managers.

To highlight of the changes, the mention about our Holy Prophet is no more in 4th class textbook.Moreover, non-Islamic events are being published more than Islamic events in grade 1 text book.These changes are of a lot disturbance

Name of our leader,Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is now replaced by Malala Yousaf in the category of famous personalities.

Map of Pakistan,the sketch of our pure land is also removed from book.The map of Pakistan is of so prestige as it shows our existence in this world. Sighhhhh
What a disastrous change

Aliya of pictures have been removed from the course book too.Here is a list of few of them; Kabah,Roza Rahul,Mashid e Nabvi,Cave Of Hira,Faisal masjid,Badshahi Masjid,Allama Iqbal and it goes on.

I stand against these changes.These are of no use to us and our children because all they are doing is taking us away from our religious and patriotic values.