IPPA Awards 2018

International Pakistan Prestige Awards (IPPA Awards) took place this year in London on 9th September 2018. Pakistani film industry is growing each day to reach the heights that the others like it have achieved. In that rush to reach the top of the ladder, Lollywood has worked hard on its award shows and IPPA is another evidence of that. Many stars graced the red carpet with their beautiful gowns and suits. It was indeed a sight to see and to acknowledge that in one aspect Pakistan has reached new heights.

Read Carpet of IPA AwardsThe nominations and the winners wouldn’t disappoint you too. One award that a lot of people waited for was that which drama will be the best drama of the year, Jury award. It did not come as a surprise that it went none other than to Baaghi, which had captured the hearts of many people by telling the story of a girl whose perspective many people have missed while judging her. The best actress, of course, could have also have been none other than Saba Qamar. If there is someone who deserves well-needed praise for all of her work till today then it is Saba Qamar. Her acting is so flawless and so true that it either leaves the audience in tears in Baaghi or in laughter if it is ‘Hindi Medium’. Not to forget that Sajal Aly also won the best actress award for Yaqeen Ka Safar. Yaqeen Ka Safar also won the ‘Best Drama Serial Popular Award’.

Adnan Siddiqui won ‘Best Actor Serial Award’ for Sammi while Ali Kazmi won the well deserving best-supporting actor for Baaghi. There were a number of other categories introduced too, such the stylish actor and actress of the year, IPPA star of the year, IPPA style Icon of the year, stylish TV presenter and etc. At the end of the award show, almost every popular face had won something, which left the audience wondering if the new categories were a way to appease the actors.

Here is the list of winners…

Ayesha Omer IPPA Awards
Ayesha Omar for ‘Most Stylish TV Presenter – Female Award’ | Source: ippawards.org
Yasir Hussain IPPA Awards 2018
Yasir Hussain for ‘Most Stylish TV Presenter – Male Award’ | Source: ippawards.org
Ahad Raza Mir IPPA Awards 2018
Ahad Raza Mir for ‘Best Emerging Talent Award’ | Source: ippawards.org
Sonya Hyssyn IPPA Awards 2018
Sonya Hyssyn for ‘IPPA Style Icon of the Year Award’ | Source: ippawards.org
Sajal Aly IPPA Awards 2018
Sajal Aly for ‘IPPA Star of the Year – Female Award’ | Source: ippawards.org
Ahsan Khan IPPA Awards 2018
Ahsan Khan for ‘IPPA Star of the Year – Male’ | Source: ippawards.org
Sana Fakhar IPPA Awards 2018
Sana Fakhar for ‘Best Supporting Actor Serial’ | Source: ippawards.org
Ali Kazmi IPPA Awards 2018
Ali Kazmi for ‘Best Supporting Actor Serial’ | Source: ippawards.org
Adnan Siddiqui IPPA Awards 2018
Adnan Siddiqui for ‘Best Actor Serial Award’ | Source: ippawards.org
Yakeen Ka Safar IPPA Awards 2018
‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ for ‘Best Drama Serial Popular Award’ | Source: ippawards.org
Baaghi IPPA Awards 2018
Baaghi’ for ‘Best Drama Serial Jury Award’ | Source: ippawards.org
Shiraz Uppal IPPA Awards 2018
Shiraz Uppal for ‘Best Singer MaleFemale Award’ | Source: ippawards.org
Sajal Aly IPPA Awards 2018
Sajal Aly for ‘Best Actress Serial Popular Award’ | Source: ippawards.org


So these were the updates. Put a comment which one of your favorite celebrity won the awards…