Jeem ….. We Respect You

This beautiful word has earned a horrible identity in this narrow minded world. A transgender in our society is what is referred as β€˜kusra’, such a harsh name.

Recently Jeem which is a well-known luxury clothing brand decided to step ahead and provide their beautiful dresses for a transgender Mavia for her shoot, conducted by a group of 3 students of Lahore Grammar School for their O’levels Β Global Perspective project.
Mavia beautifully carried those dresses. Just a glance at the picture and my words were “WOW, what a pretty dress” and as soon as I got to know that the model is a transgender I swallowed back my words and changed my statement to “WOW, what a beautiful soul”.

According to the student pannel they interviewed a lot of people like businessmen,housewife,children,students and other about transgenders. BUT a huge group was unfamiliar about this word. Never heard about it, all they knew was the call out name khusra for these respectable souls.

I have seen Jeem’s dresses stealing hearts on top nosh fashion shows and model’s rocking the ramp with them but this capture was the beautiful out of both combination.

These amazing pictures were captured by Umar Khan(Ukhno) a graduate from NCA and a photographer too. He accepted the call to be a part of this wonderful cause and gave his best. Thumbs up for him