PFDC Fashion Week Day 1

The fashion season is back with the arrival of Pfdc fashion week. The lifestyle in Pakistan is such that people spent a huge amount of money on their weddings.And due to this bridal clothing is one the growing segment of the fashion industry in Pakistan. Pfdc fashion week is one of the most reputable fashion show for the bridal collection

However, day 1 of Pfdc fashion week received a mixed reaction. Some designs were very creative and elegant while some were not up to the mark and disappointed the audience. On day 1 there were group performances by Nomi Ansari, Hussain Rehar and Reema & Sherbano followed by some solo performances by Saira Shakria and Ali Zeeshan.

The collection by the name of β€œMaya’’ was presented by Nomi Ansari . The dresses consisted of screen floral printing as it is the trademark of Nomi Ansari. Whereas lack of vibrant colors was presented in the collection like his previous work. The stand out part of his collection was multi-colored dupattas. In addition to that Maya Ali was the showstopper of his collection.

Nomi Ansari with show stopper Maya Ali

Hussain Rehar made his fashion week debut. His collection consisted of dresses of dark and unique colors. He tried to create the fusion of two different tribes in his dresses. However, the finishing of the work was not as good and people were not impressed by it.

Reema & Sherbano also made their fashion week debut. The name of their collection was β€˜β€™ Sophia β€œ.Their dresses were elegant and had a bit of traditional look into it. Mehreen Syed was the showstopper of their show.

One of the performances that stood up on day 1 was from Saira Shakria . Their collection consisted of bold colors and had a bit of classic edge in it. The signature identity that brand has created around their clients was carried very well in this collection too. Sabar Qamar carried their dress very well on the ramp.

Moreover, Ali Xeeshan collection was also appreciated by the audience. His work is a blend of culture and tradition. He used different fabrics in his collection. His florals work was valued by fashion enthusiast. An incident also took place during his performance when fire around the ramp caught up the flames,but it was handled by the management very well.

The stunning Maya Ali
Ali Xeeshan
Ali Zafar
Mehreen Syed
Maria B
The eye make up is sparkling

Overall the event was managed very well hats off to the management and designers who pulled off a great show.