This Youngest Pakistani Model will be Your Days Cuteness Dose

Miah Dahani is the new social media sensation these days. You must have seen the pictures of this adorable 4-year girl appearing in different magazines.

Miah Dahani is 4-year Pakistani American model who lives in the United States and currently representing Pakistan in the modeling world. The girl is blessed with beauty. Miah has light colored hairs and long hair runs in her genes.

According to her mom (Neelofar Dhanani) from the early age, Miah Dahaniย was complimented by everyone due to her looks as there was no single day on which she was not complimented. Neelofar Dahani her mom loved capturing her and made her Instagram account when Miah was just 3 years old. As a result of that Miah got a call from Maria.B to launch their campaign in 2018. And after that, the fairytale career of Miah Dahani started and she got calls from Pakistani brands as well as international brands.

As far as her academics are concerned she is currently studying in a Prekindergarten a home-based school in Florida. Most of you might think is she only interested in fashion and media as she has perused that as her career. But Miah Dahani loves to learn new things she attends dance classes at a Bollywood dance academy. She also goes to swimming classes.

On the other hand, Miah Dahaniย is very keen to learn about his religion and attends religious classes as well. Apart from this, she is a big fan of Salman Khan. Tiger Zinda hai and race are her favorite movies of Salman Khan.

Miah Dahaniย dream is to do at least one Bollywood movie with Salman Khan. Her family is excited about her talent. They all support her in every aspect. Miah is inspired by her elder sisters Mashal and Mariyah. Moreover, her motherโ€™s supports her a lot and inspires her to become strong, confident and independent. As her mother says

โ€œThere is no age to prove yourself but I feel starting at young age is necessary in the challenging worldโ€
Neelofar Dhanani

Miah Dahaniย is the inspiration for many as she has signed new contracts for TVCs and photoshoots with renowned brands. And currently, she had been featured in around 35 magazines. She is doing magazine work at this age and representing Pakistan around the globe. For past several days, her pictures are compared with Hania Amir and she is referred to as Mini Hania Amir. As they two resemble. We wish Miah success for her future evaders.