Holi Festival of Colors

Hindus welcome spring with perfection, the months of colorful flowers begins with holi. This cultural event is so much of fun that a lot of people have now started to practice it. It is said that the brightness of spring taking over the chilly winters is signified as good taking over evil. Winters tend to fill the air with laziness however spring spreads happiness and cherishes the wind.

This year the event began on the evening of 1 March and ended up setting goals for the next year. The event is lit with the light of bonfire scheduled one evening prior to Holi, known as Holika Dahan. The remains of ash are of significance to the crowd as they rub them on their body with the intention of purifying themselves.

The very next morning is Holi. The air is filled with colors. Most of the people celebrating wear light or some light-toned dress so the colors are visible on them. This event is celebrated by everyone regardless of age and gender. The colors are thrown on each other and this act is historically related to the love story of Radha and Krishna, Hindu god and goddess. They had a very strong love chemistry.

Throwing eachΒ other in water pools isΒ alsoΒ very exciting for the crowd. Water fight is done too, the water gun has colored water in it. Colour filled water balloons are targeted at each other which splashes spreads happiness after being hit. Dancing under the water sprinkles is another attraction. Bhang is a show stopper of the event. It is a drink made with leaves and flowers of cannabis. This is the reason for the event being so energetic.

Life does not need reasons to celebrate an event and this is for sure one of those….