Bullet Proof Coffee Is A Meal

Yes!!! You heard it right this Coffee is a proper meal.

Bullet Proof Coffee is a high-calorie satisfying coffee that provides you energy equivalent to the main course meal. It boosts your energy level and gives your metabolism a kickstart. People who are following Keto diet have made this drink an essential part of their life as it speeds their weight loss process.

Here is how you make the most energetic and satisfying cup coffee


1 tbsp Coffee

1 Cup water

1 tbsp Butter Grass-fed

1 Tbsp Cream

1 Tbsp MCT Or Coconut Oil

1 Tablet Stevia


The key to make a perfect cup of this coffee is the ratio ”1” Everything needs to be taken in figure 1.

Start with adding coffee, butter, MCT or Coconut Oil to one cup of warm water. Mix them and add in a saucepan and bring to boil. Turn off the flame add cream and stevia and beat the coffee with a coffee beater or an electronic hand beater to make it Beat until coffee becomes creamy and frothy. Pour it a cup and enjoy. You have an option to have it hot or chill it and have it as a cold coffee. Unsweetened Cocoa powder and Vanilla Essence could be added for flavor.

A lot of people have started taking Bullet Proof Coffee for breakfast as this keeps them full and energetic till lunch time. Plus it is easy to prepare than a cereal or a smoothie.

The fat content is very high which makes you active and the grass-fed butter slows the absorption of Coffee. Eventually, caffeine remains in our body for a longer time.

Each mug of Bullet Proof Coffee is loaded with essential nutrients like magnesium, Vitamin B, and potassium. The coffee itself has a lot of antioxidants which protects our body.

This heavenly coffee can actually make you smarter. Smarter from brain and body too. Consuming this coffee helps in shedding a great amount of fat if combined with Keto Diet.