Fake Food Blogger Arrested in India

A few days ago a woman who claimed that she is a food blogger and social media influencer was arrested by Delhi police. The woman was alleged social media influencer and blogger. The name of the woman is Swati. She is Gurgaon based woman and for past five years, she is deceiving people that she is a food blogger.

For years she enjoyed complimentary food from restaurants and in return, she had to write positive reviews about the restaurant. But in reality, she has not written a single blog. On 11th September she was arrested from a restaurant while having free breakfast. The manager trapped her by inviting her and then he informed the police of her whereabouts.

After the initial investigation, Delhi police identified that she does not have any food blog or website. For years she was enjoying free food from famous brands of Delhi. Her first court hearing was yesterday. The police officer who arrested her said

In life, there isn’t any such thing as free lunch!

This is not the first case in which people portray to be social media influencer and enjoy complimentary gifts from Brands. As the trend of influencer marketing is increasing many people like Swati are busy fooling the people and the brands.